Clan Information - About Us


QuarkClan was founded in April 2009.
We began with a small group of experienced Enemy Territory players.
At that time we had a dedicated server hosting approximately 10 servers. From this point on, we continued to grow and improved both our forums & servers.
Sadly, this came to an end when Enemy Territory lost it's master serverlist and Punkbuster support was also dropped.
When the master serverlist was eventually restored we came to the conclusion that opening many servers wasn't the best approach since Enemy Territory had lost a substantial amount of it's active players due to the service disruption.
Thanks to the support of the community within the game, we made the decision to re-open two servers - NoDownload and Trickjump.
This was a great decision which enabled us to obtain some great new members & friends whilst doing our best to support the Enemy Territory community.

Quarkclan reached a point where it was decided to expand and add support for Call of Duty: MW3 & Minecraft within our community.
This was a huge success and at present we run some of the most populair servers in these games.
Our most popular server is a user-created server modification which is unique in this game, most of our servers are regularly full which we are very proud of.

We want to provide a safe, friendly environment, and ensure everyone has fun without worrying about cheaters/trolls ruining the games. We are still growing & welcoming new guests/members daily and want to continue to uphold a respectable name within all three games.


    - Stable, active servers with 99% uptime
    - Fun, friendly atmosphere
    - A platform to meet new friends & interesting people
    - A community where you can grow dependant on your behavior & activity
    - Regular internal & external events


    - Always be polite
    - Do not use cheats/exploits/bugs on any of our servers
    - Have respect for everyone within our community
    - Help other guests/members wherever possible
    - Be friendly & have fun

And that's all there is to know. No amount of EXP or high skill level is required.
Our goal is to provide a place where everyone can play games, have fun & meet new people.


    - Visit on our website
    - Register
    - Make an application
    - Keep checking your topic & wait for replies

It's as simple as that!
We look forward to seeing your application & having
YOU in our community!