ETKey Generator


  • Welcome to the ETKey generator.

  • The Download button below will reproduce a new unique etkey apon each refresh
    of the page creating a individual unique generated ETKey
    for each and every download.

    This will work happily with your ET client as you will be identified
    by the server to save you XP and Level.

  • How to install the ETKey

  • Firstly drag the etkey into your etmain folder.
    Now right click the ETKey.tmp and RENAME it to ETKey
    By removing the .tmp extension you are making the file readable by the client.

    To check the etkey is working, open up your game and open up the
    console and Type the following "/cl_guid"
    This will display a list of numbers and letters
    meaning you have correctly setup your etkey.

  • Finding your etmain folder

  • First you need to go to your game folder, this will usually be:
    - C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory
    - C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory

  • How to enable the ETKey

  • Open up Wolfenstein Enemy Territory with administrator permissions:
    - Open the console of your client by pressing ¬` (The button under Esc)
    - Type /pb_cl_enable and press enter. Then type cl_punkbuster 1